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tailor made
We all love a bit of a punt, but why gamble with your style? When it comes to smart casual suiting it never pays to look like you’re going to work. Whether it is for the races or even garden weddings, Attack Fashion can create a smart casual look that's perfectly tailored to beat the odds. We'll even throw in a style advice to boot - and of course, a perfect fit is guaranteed.


tailor made
Every impression counts. Especially the first one. Like it or not, those around you judge you based on how you look. So be confident knowing you’ll look damn good in a custom tailored business suit by Attack Fashion - quite purposely styled for your success, and perfectly fitted to impress. It doesn't matter what image you want to project, at Attack Fashion we've pretty much done them all.


tailor made
So you need a suit or tuxedo for a formal event. Good on you, you must have friends in high places. But here comes the rub, do you know the difference between black and white tie? Should you go all out and wear tails and a top hat? Life changing decisions aside, it's the small details that make all the difference. We can help you navigate your wing-tip collars, from your studded shirt buttons and ensure you look dashing and debonaire (in other words, damn good).


tailor made
No doubt she will look amazing. But why should your bride be the only one? It's your big day too. Sorry, no rent-a-suits here. While others shy away, you can be the man of the moment. Go all out. Be her Knight in Shining Armour, her James Bond, her Romeo.Sweep her off her feet in an ultra-sharp wedding suit or tuxedo, custom designed and precisely tailor-made just for you by Attack Fashion.


tailor made
Corporate uniform basically is a walking advertisement for the company. When you step out in the world, people usually take notice of your uniforms and through company logos and emblems. People naturally want get to know what's your company name. This will create sense of brand awareness within locality and working society.

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tailor made
When we say each fit is unique to you, we truly mean it. Our measurements and every fabric is special styles and colours are taken where your personal preferences are considered. You have the chance to feel the fit and articulate your preference before hand. We are merely there to guide you on the outlines of what makes the perfect fit, but you are in complete control as today's slim fit may be too slim for you or perhaps not slim enough.